Homeowner Agreement

Homeowner Agreement

The following must be agreed upon before we deliver a Roll-Off dumpster:

  • If bin is kept for over a month (30 days) without being dumped, the customer will be billed an additional rental fee (We will continue to bill you for each month after that until the bin is dumped or finished).
  • We require an initial down payment in the amount of one dump (depending on size and place) before the dumpster is delivered.
  • When loading with normal construction waste stop at level full.
  • When loading with any type of heavy material, stop at ¼ full (Example: Concrete, Dirt, Block).
    • 30 yard bin = no more than 7 ton of material.
    • 15 yard bin = no more than 5 ton of material.
    • Customer will be billed per ton of material over the above weights.
  • Do not overfill dumpster! A fee will be assessed for material hanging over the top of the bin.
  • No Hazardous waste (pesticides, paints, oil, etc.)
  • No lead acid batteries.
  • No more than 4 tires.
  • If you open the tailgate, close it exactly as you found it.
  • Do not try to move the container! If you need it moved, call (435)-867-1368.
  • All demolition and remodels must have an asbestos test before hauling.
  • When your bin is ready to be dumped, call (435)-867-1368.


Please sign at the bottom that you agree to the above terms and conditions. If we do not receive this, we will assume you no longer want us to deliver a dumpster.



– Email ([email protected])

– Hand Deliver (500 N 600 W Cedar City, UT)

– Mail (420 N 600 W #1 Cedar City, UT 84721)



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*We can send a PDF document of this form to your email. Please email your request to [email protected]