Make your yard the best room in your home!

Everyone needs a unique, spectacular, and accessible place to spend time with family and friends. Somewhere private, but not too far away. Why not make that place your own backyard? At Rocky Ridge, we believe that you shouldn’t have to leave the comfort of your home to create perfect outdoor memories!

Landscape Stone for Rustic Themed Yards

Mountain Blend
Mountain Blend: Look around and you’ll see beautiful hills with many different shades of red and blue. You can now enjoy the many colors of Southern Utah in your yard too! *Sizing: ½”, 1” Pairs well with: Midnight, Apache Gold.
Iron Mountain
Iron Mountain: This mix will remind you of the gorgeous colors found throughout Southern Utah. The spectacular blues, browns, and grays blend together to create a unique look for your yard.
Apache Gold
Apache Gold: This mix is unique and welcoming. You will feel right at home with this golden ensemble in your yard. *Sizing: ½”, 1” Pairs well with: Mountain Blend
Rustic Gold
Rustic Gold: Rustic themed yards are simple yet lavish, and you can’t go wrong with rustic gold as your primary yard décor. The many simple colors blend together to foster a pleasant, picturesque atmosphere. *Sizing: 1”, 2-6” mix
Black Lava
Black Lava: Lava rock is simply beautiful. The blends of red and black in this rock paint a jagged landscape for your yard. The texture of the rock adds an element of rare beauty for all to enjoy. *Sizing: 3¼”, 4-8” mix Pairs well with: Midnight Lava, Rebel Red, Cedar Snow.

Landscape Stone for Natural Colored Yards

Purple Mist
Purple Mist: The bold colors of this rock will set your yard apart. The unique combination of colors make for a masterpiece that shows that you take pride in your yard! *Sizing: Chat (Finely Crushed), 1”, 2-4” mix Pairs well with: Black Lava, Cedar Snow
Natural Pea Gravel
Natural Pea Gravel: This small landscape stone is a great conservative budget, multi-colored gravel. It is great for walkways, to mix in with concrete, or as an occasional driveway.
Stonebark: With an appearance of petrified wood containing dark browns and purples along with golds and reds, you can spend an afternoon in your yard and feel as if you’ve seen the bark from many different forest trees.
Blue Lava
Blue Mountain: The blues and grays in this mix will make your yard pop! You won’t pass by without noticing these uniquely beautiful rocks. *Sizing: ¾”, 2” Pairs well with: Mountain Blend, Black Lava, Cedar Snow
Four Seasons
Four Seasons: From the calm colors of Spring to the cool colors of Winter, this mix gives a vibe of the four seasons we enjoy in Southern Utah. Anytime of year that you walk out to your outdoor living area, you will feel right at home. *Sizing: Medium, Large
Arizona River
Arizona River: The smooth texture and alluring colors of this larger river rock are perfect for someone looking for simple, yet impressive landscape stone. *Sizing: Medium, Large
Cedar Snow
Cedar Snow: This snowy white rock will make your yard pop! It will bring out the colors in your yard and make any greenery stand out. *Sizing: 1½” Pairs well with: Midnight, Black Lava, Blue Mountain, Purple Mist, Mountain Blend.

Landscape Stone for Desert Themed Yards

Painted Desert
Purple Mist: The bold colors of this rock will set your yard apart. The unique combination of colors make for a masterpiece that shows that you take pride in your yard! *Sizing: Chat (Finely Crushed), 1”, 2-4” mix Pairs well with: Black Lava, Cedar Snow
Pink Lemonade
Pink Lemonade: It’s obvious by where you choose to live that you are a bit partial to the desert. Who can blame you? This rounder pink landscape stone is the perfect touch for desert-themed yards. *Sizing: Pea Gravel, 1” Pairs well with: Black Lava
Rebel Red
Rebel Red: This gravel will take you back in time to when you drove or hiked areas of this breathtaking country. *Sizing: ½”, 1”, 2-4” mix Pairs well with: Black Lava, Midnight Lava
Sunset Coral
Sunset Coral: The brilliant oranges and reds of this ensemble will give the feeling of watching the sun go down. It will provide you with a serene landscape and the ideal place to relax and unwind. *Sizing: ½” Pairs well with: Midnight,
Red Canyon
Red Canyon: From the Delicate arch in Moab to the beautiful canyons of Zion National Park, this rock signifies the breathtaking views found throughout the state of Utah. *Sizing: Small, large Pairs well with: Black Lava, Midnight
Desert Mound
Desert mound: If you’re looking for something light and airy, but down to earth, this is a great choice. *Sizing: 1”, 2-6” mix Pairs well with: Cedar Snow, Black Lava, Mountain Blend, Stone Bark


We have a rotating selection of boulders. Please call us for today’s boulder options.

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Buckskin Tan
This flagstone will have everyone admiring your perfect outdoor area. With oranges, reds, and tans, it blends easily with desert or rustic themed yards and occasionally, natural-colored yards.
You know the red rocks in our area are incredible. With this flagstone, you can now enjoy those rich, red tones without leaving the comfort of your home.
Being surrounded by this flagstone will give you a similar feeling as spending a peaceful afternoon by the lake. It will create a unique setting, giving you a new favorite place to relax and unwind.
This flagstone is the perfect addition to your rustic themed yard! The simple, yet breathtaking colors will create a spectacular place for all outdoor gatherings.
You can’t go wrong with this brown flagstone in your firepit area, patio, or walkway. It is the perfect touch for anyone looking to add an accent color, texture, or warmth to their yard.

Driveway Gravel, Sand and other landscaping supplies

Natural Rock
Natural Rock: Our Best Seller is our 1” natural. This gravel is our general river rock gravel and is widely used as a driveway or decorative landscape rock. This gravel is made of a general gray color with the occasional red, darker gray, or gold piece.
Road Base
Road base is a great choice for anywhere that needs compaction.  Since it is used as an underlayer before roads are constructed, you can trust that it is a durable material for your driveway, underneath your patio, hardscape, etc. 
Recycled Asphalt
Recycled asphalt not only looks great as driveway gravel, but it also compacts much nicer than regular gravel. Since it doesn’t sink as much as other types of gravel do, you likely won’t need to add more to your mix as often, saving you time and money.

Soil Conditioners

Infield S and Replacement

The sand content of our sports mix allows for excellent drainage, resulting in more playing time and fewer rainouts. The clay content helps to reduce erosion caused by water, wind and regular use while providing excellent dust control. Since the sports mix is made of 100% natural materials, it naturally bonds to provide the consistent firmness to any playing field. The natural composition of Rocky Ridge’s Sports Mix eliminates the need for expensive additives as bonding agents, making a product that is extremely cost effective. The Sports mix is long lasting and does not stain clothing or uniforms. This mix can be used for:

  • Baseball and softball fields
  • Little league fields
  • Track fields
  • Walking and riding paths
  • Borders

Playground Sand

Sand is every kid’s dreamland! The best part is that you don’t have to take an 8 hour drive to the beach. The kids can have fun in the backyard sandbox.

IQ Power Tools

Power tools are available to buy or rent. Call us for pricing.

IQMS362®: The world’s first 16″ dry cut masonry saw with integrated dust control.

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IQ360XR®: Cut stone, brick, pavers, and tile inside or outside while maintaining a safe, dust-free work environment.

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IQTS244®: Meet the world’s first DRY cut tile saw. A revolutionary innovation for speed and efficiency.

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