Beautiful Landscape Rock & Flexible Waste Solutions

Rocky Ridge provides landscape and waste solutions to residents and businesses throughout Utah.

Whatever your yard renovation needs are, we are here to help!

We offer a large variety of landscaping materials to meet your outdoor needs. With over 40 different sizes and colors of decorative rock, we’re sure to have something fitting for your yard.

Painted Desert

The bold colors of this rock will set your yard apart. The unique combination of colors make for a masterpiece that shows that you take pride in your yard!

Blue Mountain

The blues and grays in this mix will make your yard pop! You won’t pass by without noticing these uniquely beautiful rocks.

Four Seasons

From the calm colors of Spring to the cool colors of Winter, this mix gives a vibe of the four seasons we enjoy in Southern Utah. Anytime of year that you walk out to your outdoor living area, you will feel right at home.

Iron Mountain

This mix will remind you of the gorgeous colors found throughout Southern Utah. The spectacular blues, browns, and grays blend together to create a unique look for your yard.

Waste Solutions

Find out why Rocky Ridge has the perfect solution for all your waste needs.

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