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Mushroom Compost


Mushroom Compost is made from agricultural materials such as wheat, straw, hay, corn cobs,

cotton seed hulls, gypsum, and chicken manure. Perfect for top dressing flower beds and turf and soil amendments of gardens.


* A consistent, formulated & homogeneous product

* High water & nutrient holding capacity

* Weed free nature

* No nitrogen draw-down problems

* Absence of heavy metals

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Garden Mix

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Chocolate Bark

Soil Conditioners

Soil Conditioners in Cedar City

Rocky Ridge offers  a variety of soil conditioners to help protect your soil from drying out. Our Mulches reduce moisture loss by up to 20%. We have different soil conditioners to pick from that will best help your garden to grow, or a more nutrient rich dirt for a foundation before laying your grass. We carry all the base materials to improve your garden and lawn.

We keep all our soil conditioners  in stock for easy pick up or delivery. 

Garden Mix
Mixture of Mushroom Mulch, Nutra Mulch, Sand, Potting Soil, and Topsoil. Great for raised garden beds, ready to be planted into.

Shredded Topsoil
Local topsoil mixture of clay, sand and silt shredded with sawdust.

Mushroom Mulch
The most valuable aspect is its high organic matter. This allows soil to retain moisture in dry weather and shed it during wet weather.

Primary ingredients in order of volume are:

  • Wheat Straw, Water, Dried Poultry Waste (Chicken), Alfalfa Screenings, Gypsum, Peat Moss, Sugar Beat, Lime.
  • High water & nutrient holding capacity.
  • SMS includes sphagnum peat and an organic matter formulation resulting in moisture and nutrient retention.
  • Weed free nature.
  • Extensive composting and indoor pasteurization ensures that weed seeds cannot enter the product.
  • No nitrogen draw-down problems.
  • Unlike wood and paper wastes frequently found in other products, SMS has been supplemented with nitrogen.
  • Mushroom soil is great for gardens as a slow release organic fertilizer when mixed into soil or as mulch one year and a soil amendment for the next.
  • It is best not to plant or transplant directly into SMS, mix the SMS with soil at 50-50