Raising the Bar With a True Innovation

Introducing the iQMS362 Dust Control Masonry Saw

The World’s First 16.5” Masonry Saw With Integrated Dust Collection.

This Is Not Your Grandfather’s Masonry Saw!

Retail price $2750 includes one (1) blade.

The Masonry Saw Your Great Grandfather Used

Masonry saws have looked pretty much the same since 1937. With little meaningful innovation, they’re hard to move, offer limited performance and create dust problems or slurry runoff.


  • The same technology since the 1930’s.
  • Little or no performance improvements.
  • Lagging behind other industries.


  • Heavy, bulky and hard to move.
  • Limitations to jobsite placement.
  • Distance from installation area.


  • Cutting wet = setup time and slurry runoff.
  • Cutting dry = silica dust exposure.
  • Both create a mess and cleanup time.

The iQMS362 Dust Control Masonry Saw

Speed, accuracy, and the ability to cut a wide range of masonry materials.
Cut brick, pavers, stone and veneer with unmatched precision.
16.5” blade allows for a 5.5” depth and a full 24” length of cut.
Cuts up to 40% faster than any other masonry saw in its clas

Easy to move and transport, ideal for any location, readily available power.
High-flotation tires allow one person to move over rough jobsite terrain.
Integrated stand with a gas-shock powered lifting/lowering mechanism.
Operates on standard 120v and 20 amps.

Workers’ health, safety and compliance with OSHA regulations.
Integrated dust collection captures up to 99.5% of hazardous silica dust.
Meets the 2017 OSHA silica standard.
Cut dry while protecting the health and safety of your workforce.